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Welcome the Spring Equinox!! 🌼

Updated: Mar 21

We honor the changing of seasons with the Spring Equinox as well as the start of the Astrological Nu Year in Aries ♈️! We are at the beginning of Eclipse season as well on March 25th we will have our first Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees of Libra ♎️. Which is also the south node energy we are attempting to leave behind as a collective. Old relationships that no longer align, habits etc or is it time to make some changes in your relationships of all kinds? Neverthe less, Spring is here and the Ancients knew this was the time to plant our ideas as well food. We honor Neb Min and Nbt Het Hru as Nb Min is the Energy/God of planting in the soil. Nbt Het Hru is the Goddess of joy, Opulence, fertility and abundance. We also give thanks to Yeye Osun for this shift in fertile energy and Orisha Oko of planting and working the land. ASUN Naturals is offering 15% off of all services. Spiritual reading, natal charts etc are included! Some of our services can be done via goggle, duo and zoom, phone as well as in person. The code is "Springtime" at checkout. Thank you beloveds and have a great season!

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