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Aquarius ♒ Season podcast

Listen to the ASUN Seneb Wellness Podcast latest episode

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Welcome the Spring Equinox!! 🌼

We honor the changing of seasons with the Spring Equinox as well as the start of the Astrological Nu Year in Aries ♈️! We are at the beginning of Eclipse season as well on March 25th we will have our

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I truly enjoyed listening to the first podcast of 2024 on the age of Aquarius. I, being such a novice in my intellectual understanding of astrology and prior conditioned dogmatic bias, am excited to learn and unlearn about so much. Community, in my new perspective on life and living, is key to accelerated learning, growth and authentic liberation. I appreciate the opportunity to engage with this community.

I'll also affirm my agreement with your assessment of the total lack of real connection in this digital age. It affects us all. Even when we're conscious and aware. I found your comments on this subject refreshing and unusual. Typically, most have intellectual knowledge, if any at all, or rarely understand that one…

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