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Pisces Season

Greetings beloveds! Pisces season always means more to me me every year as I reflect on the season moving toward spring. I also think about my mother and my grandmother doing this season of both of them were Pisces women. I think about how thankful I am and blessed I am to have been raised by Pisces woman and her allowing me to be my Leo self. It has been said in astrology that the Pisces house which is the 12th house and the last house in the zodiac that the person has completed their lessons in this lifetime their reincarnation has happened over and over again and they have received a lot of lessons along the way. It said they don't have to have to come back and do this again.

During this time I also feel quieter and a more spiritual way during this time I have recently been "on my Mat" meaning I've been doing more divination asking questions and contemplation. I received some messages that I'm still digesting. During this season, Take some time to spend in nature take some time for contemplation think of the highest things you like to accomplish in your life doing this time also if you're feeling kind of loopy drink some chamomile tea and then have a session of healing with a Healer such as myself or anyone else that you may know.

-Schedule a Reiki session -Schedule a reading

-Schedule a reflexology session -Schedule meditation session as well we offer all of these services to you.

-Take some time for painting or poetry sessions too. HEALING AND HARMONY!

Join us and then to the River to Bring in Spring and Honor Hetheru and Oshun! Contact us for RSVP! $SenebWell

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