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How to protect yourself and family from EMFs & how EMF's & EMLs affect us all.

Here are some tips to help against EMFs.

They include limited-time on cellular and digital devices.

Keeping phones off at night or in the next room or airplane mode while sleeping.

Shungite, Black tourmaline, quality orgonite, Smart meter EMF protector covers, EMF block phone stickers.

Stop buying all of the new SMART devices, Bluetooth headsets, and wireless earbuds.

Cut off WiFi when not in use.

Buy EMF blocker paint for your walls and EMF blockage fabric.

Human-made EMFs, including ELFs (extremely low frequencies) can:

  • break DNA single and double strands

  • cause oxidative cell damage

  • disrupt cell metabolism and communication

  • break down the blood brain barrier

  • alter brain glucose metabolism

  • generate stress proteins

Clearly the scientific literature is beginning to indicate clear links between e-pollution and human health. The debate is over. Human-made EMFs affect living cells and human health in measurable ways.

We have numerous assaults on our health, our immunity, our well-being. Let's not allow EMFs to possibly negatively tip the balance of our body's immune defense mechanisms.

As 5G is implemented, it will likely make things worse in that small, powerful 5G communication antennas currently being deployed must be very, very close to our homes and offices in order to penetrate walls and windows.

I hope this helps with overstanding of what things we are facing during this time and the future. 🙏🏾

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